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Produced and Engineered by Cory Stardust


released August 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Cory Stardust (Starfield Connection) Little Rock, Arkansas

From The Crystal Core of Arkansas comes Live PA electronic music based around the vibe of the moment. Cory Stardust and his daughter Cedar Branches really twist and dig there way into their synths as they keep cosmic patterns of analog drums in sync in a MIDI world of Moog bass wonderment. Cory Stardust is also well know as host of the Perfect Glitch Radio ,a show that showcases Live Electronics ... more

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Track Name: Egyptian Tears
three dimensional sensual
and that's only on the outside
go inside you'll find
results of the gaian mind
fears of the mayan finds
egyptian tears
sun and the moon
structured as pyramids
fluid like the ocean
circular motion
we roll with the waves
the tide pulls us in
throws us back out
don't think for a second
you've got it figured out

we're the living cells
of the body that's the earth X 3

nature, humanity,
astronomy, autonomy
connected eternally,
stay in relation
inhale exhale,
micro macro
dusk to dawn,
birth to death
stay connected,
tthat's the test
as above, so below
as within, so without

electric alchemists
magnetic process
circadian cycle
strive to
find the cool medium
the middle ground
of silence and sound
earth spinning round
the sun wonderin'
is it gravity
that keeps us down?